What Participants Say About our Eagle’s Nest Historical Tour
(and Sound of Music Tour)

We thoroughly enjoyed your tour last Tuesday. It was extremely informative and entertaining. The diverse aspects of the afternoon brought together into the common theme of “The Mountain” made the tour so much more interesting. The use of the radio mike made following your presentation so much easier. You certainly rank at the top of the list!

All the best for the future. James

My wife and I went on your Eagle’s Nest Tour. Just wanted to let you guys know it was an incredible experience. Though I am a WWII history buff and my wife is not so interested in that sort of thing, but she was surprised to find your tour completely fascinating. Thank you. It was the highlight of our trip to Germany and Switzerland.

Dan F.

Did the tour for the third time on Sunday past, the guide did an excellent job and is to be commended. About four years ago you did a private tour for myself and a group of men from N. Ireland who had all been involved in the conflict, it was part of a programme for peace I put together called “Moving beyond violence” the groups these men were involved decommissioned their weapons a few weeks ago, on a private note your tour for those men was part of the journey towards peace.

Best wishes, Gary M.

I just wanted to tell you once again how interesting a visit you provided me with. The benefit of your insights helped me a lot in the subsequent two weeks in Austria and Germany. I would not have had the perspective that you gave me, and I would have missed it. Interestingly, my wife, who I told you is a French Jew with Holocaust losses in her immediate family, joined me in coming away with very positive feelings about Austria and Germany – past experience notwithstanding. I feel the same way – there were just too many nice people whom we met. Thus, the past remains an enigma, except to the degree that anti-Semitism provides an automatic license for humans to turn into animals.

Philip A. (M.D.)

Thank you for an unforgettable experience on the Eagle’s Nest Tour my wife and I took on 04 June. I finally wrote a review on TripAdvisor telling everyone about the tour. Your grasp of WWII and the players is very impressive. This tour was the antithesis of “fluff”.

Thanks and warm wishes. Jack.

I want to thank you for doing the tour for us! From feedback I received, it was phenomenal, and our customers were extremely pleased! Everyone had a great time, and we look forward to working with you again.

Thanks, Raquel T.

Dad and I were with both of you in September! We have not taken the time to write and let you know, but our experience with you was amazing and I think about our trip and visit to Germany more often every day. It was a trip of a lifetime. I hope I can bring my husband someday… You guys are the best and Dad and I have referred you to at least 2 couples so far. Many blessings and much thanks for all you did for us!

Sincerely, Darcie and Daryl

Just wanted to let you know that my husband and son enjoyed your tour immensely (they took the tour Friday, July 3). It was the favorite part of their entire two week trip through Europe. They said that you gave an amazing tour with tremendous knowledge of the history, which they appreciated. I am so glad we booked the tour! Thank so much.

Diane D.

Just a short note to say thanks very much for 2 fantastic tours. (Eagles Nest and Sound of Music Tour) I have been on some shockers since I started travelling, and a place like the Eagles Nest needed to be done right, and you did so. I hope to visit again in a few years’ time, so hopefully you will be running tours then!


I took your Sound of Music Tour on Friday and just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for a wonderful time. It was a great tour and so informative and FUN! All of us girls had a GREAT time… so THANK YOU again!

Jenny W.

We just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed the tour. Being fascinated by Third Reich history, end of Weimar Republic and the post war development (starting at the age of 10 asking the first questions) I was not expecting much new. But I honestly admit you are right: The dimension of Obersalzberg is not known to its full extent. Keep on being so determined. We are most impressed.

Yours, Annegret

Thank you for a great tour on 25 May. My wife and I had a great time, saw some beautiful sights, and learned things previously unknown. You obviously know your “stuff” and have a passion for that area and the history of it. Again, we had a great time and, as an aside, we did make the 5:15pm bus back to Salzburg!

Mark B.

We made it home today, Easter Sunday. Just wanted to tell you our tour guide did an outstanding tour for us. It was very educational and the highlight of our trip.

Thank you, Jay A.

I would like to put on record how much we enjoyed our private tour this afternoon with our tour guide. His depth of knowledge is amazing, and his quiet enthusiasm enthralled us from start to finish.

With thanks again, John S.

We would like to compliment the tour guide for the excellent tour we took with him to Eagle’s Nest last Monday 9th June. It was very informative, delivered in a concise way, making it one of the best short guided tours we have ever been on in some considerable years of travelling. He is obviously well read on the subject. It was refreshing not to have any of the usual banal patter that is so common on tours – thankfully, as the subject matter certainly doesn’t lend itself to that. Although we are a long way off, in Australia, we will recommend your well-organised tour to any friends who may be travelling.

Kind regards, Margaret and Geoff

Just a note to tell you thank you for the informative and thoroughly enjoyable afternoon last Tuesday. Even though the weather on top of the mountain didn’t cooperate, your tour turned out to be a highlight of a very enjoyable trip to Europe. Your knowledge of the history of the area is outstanding, but your delivery of that knowledge in a captivating manner sets you apart from most every tour of which I have ever taken part. It is difficult to keep anyone’s attention for four hours, but we were hanging on your every word! My three companions, that joined me last minute, couldn’t stop talking about the tour and how much it added to our visit to Salzburg.
Thanks for the wonderful time. Keep up the good work!

Robert S.

I am emailing to thank you for the private tour last Tuesday. We enjoyed it very much and were pleased with all the knowledge and information that you passed on to us, plus all the stop-offs were interesting and the timing of the buses and the lift were excellent. Thank you again.

Best regards, Diane & Spencer

All of us really enjoyed the tours you gave on Monday – they were truly amazing and really impressive. You told us things we had never realised before and learned a great deal. Thank you also for that private excursion to see the auxiliary power plant for the Eagle’s Nest – we very much appreciated this. Thank you once again…

With very best wishes, Keith & Natalia

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for the wonderful, fun, informative tour we took. We REALLY enjoyed ourselves. The tour guide’s personality and knowledge was such a pleasure! We could not have asked for a better day and loved everything we could see and discuss with him. He is an asset for your company! We were so lucky with the weather that Monday also. We only had one more lovely day like that through the whole vacation. We could see everything and all the way to Austria from the Eagle’s Nest.

Mareena and Randy

Back in Sept my wife and I took your Eagle’s Nest tour. I recommend your tour to everyone I talk to it was very interesting indeed. There is so much history in Berchtesgaden that I could not do everything I wanted in just 2 days. Your tour was the highlight. I would also like to make a very special thank you to the guide who took my wife and I to the teahouse location and overlook. I would not have found this location on my own. Please pass on a special thanks to him for making my trip in Berchtesgaden a special one that I will never forget. Thanks for a great Eagle’s Nest tour.

Regards, Tony H.

My wife and I had the pleasure of experiencing the Eagle’s Nest with one of your tour guides. We both found this tour to be one of the top highlights of our recent vacation to Europe. The guide was thorough in his knowledge and understanding of the information that he presented to our group. This was a fascinating area to visit and our guide made it that much more enjoyable! I highly recommend taking this tour to anyone with even little or no knowledge of the Berchtesgaden area. You won’t be disappointed! Thanks again! A job well done!


I just wanted to thank you again for your terrific Eagle’s Nest Tour. We were looking forward to meeting you after so many years of hearing about you. My students were very enthusiastic and talked about it afterwards as a high point. I think you have a great thing going! I hope someday I might be able to get a group together for one of your longer tours.


Our private guided tour on June 4 was EXCEPTIONAL. You were knowledgeable about the topic, well-spoken and interesting. A great tour.

Sincerely, Larry J

Eagle’s Nest Tours, I took your tour back in September and it was amazing. I recommend your tour to everyone I talk to.
Thanks for a great tour I really enjoyed it!

Tony H.

We would like to thank you for the great tour you gave us last Sunday. The tour had a great buildup and was very well put together. You spoke in a very clear voice which was very pleasant to listen to. All in all a very satisfactory afternoon well worth every penny.
Thanks again and all the best,

Hengelo, the Netherlands.

I wanted to thank you again for the fabulous tour of Eagle’s Nest you provided for our family of 5, Tuesday August 2. You spent 5.5 hours with us and were a wealth of interesting information re: Hitler and WWII history. We spent 12 days in Vienna, Innsbruck and Salzburg and we all agreed that your tour was the highlight of our trip to Austria!! Thank you again! It was better than I expected. I would be more than happy to write a (favorable!) review about our experience if you would like.

Best regards, Dave H. & family

Thanks to your excellent timing to get us on the 840 bus back to Salzburg, we didn’t have the chance to thank you properly. We had a wonderful time on the tour: it was one of the best we’ve been on ever (and we’ve been on quite a few). We really appreciate the information and how smooth everything went – great job, and thanks!!

Seth and Maria

Our time spent with you as our guide, in Berchtesgaden, was the highlight of our trip! You have a fantastic gift and you communicate, not only the historical significance of the city and the environment, but your vast knowledge of Germany’s history, particularly in the 20th Century through World War II.

Best regards, E. Lawrence

Wanted to express my appreciation for the really informative tour yesterday. Although I have read much on WWII I found our guide an endless source of new knowledge and recent discoveries plus seeing the different sites has given a much clearer perspective on the scale of the Nazi activities in the different locales. Congratulations to you for putting together such a wonderful experience.

Chris P.

We had a wonderful day today. Thank you again for agreeing to our last minute tour request. Your insights and details gave all of us quite a bit to think about. Our trip to Germany and Austria would have been incomplete without our private tour to the Eagle’s Nest.
All the best to your wife and your team.

Sincerely, Patrice G.

Just wanted to take the time and thank you so much for working with us and making the Eagle’s Nest Tour happen for us. It was one of our most anticipated sites to see coming to Germany and now having left Germany, I can say it was one of our most memorable experiences. Thank you so much for making that happen. I can’t tell you how we felt when we knew we were not going to make our first reservation! We also wanted to give a big shout out to our tour guide. She was phenomenal!! Her depth of knowledge was impressive and I’m sure she only scratched the surface!! Thank you once again for a great Germany memory!

Sincerely, The Wightman Family

Just wanted to let you know three friends and I joined one of your tours on 31 August and were very impressed with all aspects of the experience. The organization, level of information and presentation were all excellent but most impressive was the tone of the tour which we all thought was just right, a difficult thing to achieve when conveying such complex and highly charged historical information. We had a three hour drive in awful weather to reach you but it was worth it!

Regards, Lorraine H.

Christine, I just wanted say thanks for the awesome tour you provided us last Friday. The individual doing the tour brought everything to life as Rick Steves said you would. Totally awesome.

Thanks, Kent C.

(Our guide) was outstanding – the best tour guide any of us had ever experienced. We thank you…

John. M.

It’s been 11 days since I returned from Germany to California, but I want to thank you again for your kindness in taking us on our tour of Obersalzberg on Oct. 11 despite the fact that the Eagle’s Nest was inaccessible that day and there were fewer than normal minimum number that you require for your tours. We had a great day with you and I will remember it. Thank you for your good work. I wish you great continued success.

Gordon C.

Your Eagle’s Nest Tour was much more than I expected. You really pack a huge amount of history into four hours. We had had no idea the place was so important. I wish I had of had you as my history teacher in school! Everything you explained was so easy to understand.

Mike L.

A great experience! We wanted to thank the guide for her excellent knowledge of the 3rd Reich; we learned a lot on the tour – she was a really good guide.

Michelle M.

This was the very best historical tour I have ever been on! Eagle’s Nest Tours’ standards are excellent. I would (and have) recommended it to everyone I know traveling to Europe. The four-hour package is well worth the money.

Jim S.

The best and most informative WWII tour I have taken is the Eagles Nest Tour with guides David and Christine Harper. Although this is in Berchtesgaden, Germany, it is only a short drive from Salzburg, Austria. Here is a link to their site …. and if you make it to this area all of you will enjoy this tour. The Harpers are great guides and the scenery is breathtaking.

(from www.tripadvisor.com forum under “eagles nest tour”)

Last month I took your Eagles Nest tour and I wanted to let you know that it was the best tour I have ever been on! Have traveled many times and taken many, many tours (I have been retired for over ten years) but this was the VERY BEST! Please tell (our guide) his guiding was an eye-opener and I am enjoying reading his book.

Larry W.

I have read dozens of books on Hitler and WWII but when I took this tour, (our guide) revealed so much that I had never heard of. Your history tours are important in giving the world a clearer picture of what really happened in Berchtesgaden and Eagle’s Nest.

Joe K.

Thank you for making our visit to Eagle’s Nest and Obersalzberg so interesting for us and the kids. We didn’t expect our 14- and 16-year-olds to be so genuinely attentive during the tour. Our youngest especially liked the bunker. Since then, the whole family has been discussing WWII and what led up to it.

Helen W.

Breathtaking ride to the top of the mountain! We wanted to thank you for all you did to make our excursion to Hitler’s mountain retreat a memorable experience. We were apprehensive before taking the tour but you made it all so comforting and smooth. We loved your explanations: you made it all so interesting and exciting. We’ll definitely recommend your tour!

Marlene and Ted B.

We took your Eagles nest tour on July 5th. It was the third time I had been on your trip but I keep on coming back with friends and relatives. Everyone was amazed at the commentary you guys give (I have experienced both David and Sharon on this tour). You are truly authorities on the Nazi history of Eagle’s Nest and area. I’ll be back.

Tom R.

I am writing this email to express our sincere appreciation for our tour guide. On Thursday, July 12th I (along with my sister, brother in law and their 3 children) took your Eagle’s Nest Tour. Our tour guide was extremely personable, professional and very knowledgeable. When my brother in law signed up for the tour, he told me that it was 5 hours long, I thought the tour would become mundane, boring and take too long. However she kept everyone intrigued and interested. I normally do not enjoy structured, guided tours. However, her wealth of knowledge and her delivery of information made the tour exceptional. Not only is she very engaging with your adult tour participants, she is exceptional with children. By the end of the tour, my little niece was hugging her and didn’t want the tour to end. All things considered, the tour and our tour guide were outstanding! I will definitely recommend your company to anyone that travels to Berchtesgaden! I wanted to compliment you on your tour company and to let you know how great of an asset your tour guide is to your business.

Thank you, Chris T.

We took this wonderful hands on and personal tour conducted by you while we were in Berchtesgaden for five days. We have been to Europe 3 times in the past 4 years and taken many tours, but your tour was by far the most informative and comprehensive of any tour we have ever taken. Unfortunately the top of the Eagle’s Nest was closed due to rock slides while we were there but you still took our group on a marvelous tour of the Obersalzberg area and the many underground bunkers below the Obersalzberg headquarters. We, in all probability, will return to Berchtesgaden and take your tour again and, hopefully the Eagle’s Nest will be open this time. We also thoroughly enjoyed the tour with Christine of Salzburg and the Sound of Music and seeing where this famous movie was filmed. Once again, we can assure any potential visitors to Berchtesgaden that your tours are a must – and also the wonderful informative book written by David about Berchtesgaden which was enjoyed by all 3 of us. We fell in love with Berchtesgaden and its beautiful scenery – we feel it is the most beautiful part of Europe. Is it any wonder that the pre- WWII and WWII leaders made Berchtesgaden their home away from home. Sincerely, Jack M. and two sons.

Henderson, NV, USA