Band of Brothers at the Eagle’s Nest and Hitler’s Opinion of the USA

We know how Hitler felt about the United States joining the war against Germany. But it is interesting to discover the views Adolf Hitler had on the United States before he came to power.

Nazi Propaganda imposed April 20th as the birthday of the “New Savior”

In Hitler’s campaign to control and mislead the German people, the Nazi leadership banned the traditional Christian calendar to replace it with newly selected days of celebration and by creating a Hitler cult.

March and Marching: Albert Speer and Roman Gods at Nuremberg Party Rally Grounds

Among the many colossal sites constructed near Nuremberg for the Nazi Party Rallies, Hitler commissioned his chief architect Albert Speer to design the so-called Märzfeld “March Field” also named after the belligerent Roman god Mars.

Hitler’s Eagles Nest: A Statement of Monumentality

The Eagle’s Nest, perched over 6,000 feet high, epitomizes Hitler’s self-aggrandizement and thirst for monumentality. Learn more about its significance.